Friday, August 04, 2006


Of all the weapon in the vast Soviet arsenal nothing was more profitable than the Avtomat Kalashnikova,model of 1947 more commonly known as the AK-47 o Kalashnikov.It's the world's most popular assault rifle.A weapon all fighters love.An elegently simple 9-lb. amalgamation of forged steel n plywood.It doesn't break,jam o overheat.It will shoot either it's covered in mud o filled with sand.It's so easy even a child can use it,n they do.The Soviets put the gun on a coin.Mozambique put it on their flag.Since the end of the Cold War the Kalashnikov has become the Russian people's greatest export.After that comes vodka n caviar.1 might think nuclear arsenal r the weapon of mass destruction,but it's not.No,look at the US n Russia(cold war).Both have all the nuclear missiles n the most sophisticated fighting machine,built 4 a war with each other that never happened.Y it never happen?Because no 1 in a right state of mind would want 2 use the nuke.Every1 knew once u used the nuke then it's all over 4 u n ur enemy.So those nuclear missiles,they just sit in their silos n waiting 2 rot.Still not convince?Look at N.Korea.The N.Korea declare openly that they have nukes n the N.Koreans even shot a couple of missiles but till now no harsh action taken by that dumb Bush n it's allied.Y,u might ask?Because Bush knew that the N.Koreans will never use it's nuke(it is more 4 show off)n there's nothing 2 rob in N.Korea.Unlike Iraq,no nuke but blessed with it's black gold.9 out of 10 war victims 2day r killed with assault rifle n small arms.N 5 out of 9 r killed with AK-47.Making the AK-47 the real weapon of mass destruction.Furthermore, the AK-47 had n still kills it's victims in all 5 continent of this planet.Where as the nuke, only in Japan(Hiroshima n Nagasaki) n Russia(Chernorbiyl-self accident).There r over 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation.That's 1 firearm 4 every 12 people on this planet.N do u know who's going 2 inherit the Earth?Arms dealers.Because every1 else is busy killing each other.While private gunrunners continue 2 thrive,the world's biggest arm suppliers r the US,UK,Russia,France n China.They r also the 5 permanent members at the U.N. Security Council.Ironic isn't it?.Stop the firearms trade n u'll stop the war.Try weed trade 4 a change.It's only my humble opinion,u don't have 2 agree.Stop the war.Smoke WEED.


Anonymous said...

very very true pnf.. pssstt my pic di minta org dong... bagi'in ka? kekeke.. :p

sc4rlet said...

I dont care how sophisticated the weapon now adays....uhuhuhu I hate waaaaarrrrr.........PEACE

Anonymous said...

war is money, money is wat we all want,
i saw in the news AK selling in somalia at US20.

but beware, there are imitation AK going round. blow urself in the face. thats y u see usa using their own guns,

rebels are using guns that are out of date, 2nd hand,how to win...

F!oNa said...

AK yeahh !!
gue ng pernah pake senjata ini in real life but kalo saja dalam game, bisa banget dong!! wakakaka

= ~GAMES~ Counter-Strike(Terorist Team) best banget guna senjata ini (AK) wahaha!!! )