Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tupac Tribute

10th Anniversary of Hip-Hop Icon Tupac Shakur Death

On this date ten years ago, the hip hop world was dealt a major blow and the landscape of hip hop and rap was changed forever with the passing of one of the most beloved rap artists to ever emerge in hip hop culture, Tupac Amaru Shakur .

Seven days after being shot in Las Vegas, Tupac succumbed to his wounds and left this world behind. He fought like the true souljah he was but in the end it was his time to go and hip hop has never, and probably will never be the same or see another Tupac Shakur .

With his charisma, he attracted fans world wide of every color and background. It is said hip hop recognizes ‘real’ and Tupac was definitely ‘real’ as ‘real’ gets. That ‘realism’ and connection with the people of hip hop culture is what has gained him Icon Status in hip hop culture.

Who shot the hip hop icon may never be solved. The ‘alive’ theories, at least keep his name in peoples mouth, but either way if Tupac wants to be dead – so be it and respect the man. If he had to leave us, we can rejoice in the fact that he is certainly in a better place; but it is hard to let go. People really don’t want to let him go and that is 10 years later.

Tupac was a legendary figure, not only in hip hop or because of his rap flow but he was so well rounded as an artist. He wrote poetry, acted, could relate to the everyday struggle of the real streets and he never forgot how hard life really is for many. His roots ran deep and he never forgot his beginnings.

Tupac’s first hip-hop album ‘2Pacalypse Now’. It was something that I had never heard before. The press and media were claiming that Tupac was a gangsta rapper. But to me he wasn’t. His lyrics stood for what he had seen whilst growing up on this earth, he wanted to show people the real truth and make them aware that we needed change. He was the voice of the hip-hop generation and what the hip-hop culture is all about.

Tupac was once asked what he was best known for and his response was ‘my big mouth’. He was right he did have a big mouth and at times this got him into trouble either with the law or other fellow rappers. But even when this was the case; you always knew that his heart was in the right place. Later on in Tupac’s career he was asked the same question, his answer this time was ‘surviving, I hope I’m known for surviving’.

‘All Eyez On Me’ was then released after Tupac had left jail. It was the first of its kind; a hip-hop and rap album containing two discs. There was a song on it for everyone, from the thugs, to the single parent women. Whether you were from the west coast or the east coast you could find a track to relate to. The production was perfect for Tupac, whether a hard hitting bass drum produced by Daz Dillinger or a melodic track produced by my favorite Johnny “J”. The album had everything on it.

I look forward to the release of the new Tupac album due out very soon and just pray that this album is a true reflection of Tupac and is not a mis-representation. What the public needs to hear is the real Tupac, the way that he recorded it with the producers that he worked with. What we don’t need is today’s artists being mixed with Tupac’s lyrics and producers working on the project that never knew Tupac.

Today remember the man Tupac Shakur not only for what he did for hip hop but for the man he was; the man who shed light on the real problems in society and spoke and wrote on them. Listen to some Pac, watch some Pac or read some Pac – spend the day with Pac.

Rest in Peace young warrior – you are truly missed and loved by many. Your Legacy will roll on forever. Thanks for touching us in the way only you could have. Much Luv Pac.

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